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searchcode server is a powerful code search solution that lowers costs, improves team productivity and cuts down on development time.

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Lower Costs

Promotes reuse of existing code and ideas by allowing developers across teams to see how problems were already solved.

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Increase Collaboration

Share ideas and code between teams, colleagues and locations. Start the discussion about how best to implement promises or parallelism.

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Improve Productivity

Uncover the hidden value of your existing code. Why re-write what you already have? Find it quickly, reuse and save time.

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Search as fast as you can type.

"Developer tools are the the foundation of the modern world"

A developer's productivity relies on being able to find, understand and reuse code as quickly as possible. Code written years ago has value if used or learnt from. Your existing code is your investment. Use searchcode server to find it and retain its value.

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How searchcode server works.

By indexing your source code it allows you to search over this code quickly, filtering down by repositories, languages and file owners to find what you were looking for. Own your data, searchcode server is not a SAAS or cloud product, download and install it on your own servers.

  • Indexes any public or private GIT, SVN or file repository
  • Identifies 100+ languages and ignores minified code
  • Identifies the owner of each file
  • Filter searches by repository, language or user
  • Estimates the cost of every file with the COCOMO calculation
  • Search using boolean and search operators AND OR NOT ( )
  • Search using wild-card operators E.G. search*
  • Search using special characters E.G. i++;
  • Controllable using a secure API
  • Search thousands of repositories and millions of files instantly
Overview of a sample project

Gain insight with a single click.

Drill down into your projects. Get a project overview for anything you have indexed. Learn what languages make it up, view the estimated cost and see who is critical to its continued success.

Productivity through code search.

Try searchcode server today 100% risk and money free. Use the community edition free for life, or purchase the full edition for support and customisations.

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