Pricing for searchcode server.

100% Risk Free Return Policy: You may return the product for a full refund within 30 days, no questions asked.

Starter Basic Pro
Unlimited Users
Identify 100+ Languages
Powerful Search
Secure API
Remove Branding
Configure Settings
Change Source Code
Free Minor Version Upgrades
Free Major Version Upgrades
2 Years Support *
Buy now $99 Buy now $699

Requirements: A GNU/Linux/Windows/BSD machine running the Java 8 runtime. Everything else is configured out of the box for you.
The community edition is free to use for as many users as you wish but you must leave the searchcode branding visible.

All paid plans include a full downloadable version of searchcode server with the ability to change the icon and modify other look and feel elements. The software comes with a lifetime licence to install use searchcode server internally on as many instances as you like. You can use any paid for version in an manner you see fit include public facing websites. Finally you will get direct emails letting you know when updates are available and links to the update for the length of the support period.

  • * Support plans get direct support channel via email to for the length of support term and a promise to investigate any issues as promptly as possible.

  • Current version hash
  • MD5 - 6079c653a24206c892e66bd7feabbce4737d5a3f
  • SHA1 - bf213e134ee226bb2f85d1252c0b7a14

We understand that you may want to check the searchcode server source code before allowing searchcode server to index your most valuable intellectual property. No problem, searchcode server is licenced under the fair source licence, and you are allowed to view, modify and use the source code for searchcode server for up to 5 users. View the source on github