API documentation for searchcode server

API endpoints offered by your searchcode server instance are described in your searchcode server documentation page. Note that some require API authentication.

API Authentication

API authentication is done through the use of shared secret key HMAC generation. If enabled you will be required to sign the arguments sent to the API endpoint as detailed. Ask your administrator for a public and private key to be generated for you if you require access to the API.

To sign a request see the below examples in Python demonstrating how to perform all repository API calls. The most important thing to note is that parameter order is important. All API endpoints will list the order that parameters should have passed in. The below code is has no license and is released as public domain. The second example is identical to the first but performs the signing using SHA512 for greater security.

SHA1 Example

SHA512 example

To achive the same result in Java use HmacUtils as follows,

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